NYC has one of the MOST segregated school districts in the country.

New York State's Extreme School Segregation: Inequality, Inaction and a Damaged Future UCLA Civil Rights Project Report (2014) by John Kucsera and Gary Orfield

Racial school segregation is so 1954.... Wait - racial school segregation is actually our current reality in 2019!


The mission of nycASID is to advocate for racial and socioeconomic city-wide school desegregation and integration

as a means to:

  • Uprooting white supremacy/engendering racial healing

  • Preserving and spreading the rich culture of marginalized communities, and

  • Upholding the principles of democracy, equality, and human dignity that segregation curtails.


A Moral Inquiry Riding on the Heels of Justice Bent Just Right

A Poem About Northern Liberal Segregation by Danielle McKoy

It’s been

The paradox of truth

buried in the simplicity of lies,

The silent pity

of a deafening cry,

A splendor of tears

drowning a city dry,

A crippling fear

daring not to try,

Roaming then and there

asking how and why,

A bold cowardice

churning shame into crime,

A blinding reality

hidden in plain sight.

But, it’s also been

A long time coming

nowhere near here

Doling out

Sweet rays of hope

of the bitter kind,

Swells of calming comfort

of the unsettling type,

Gleaming shadows

of a darkness so bright.

Giving rise to

A tranquil peace

amidst the fear of flight,

A lively awakening

in the very dead of night,

A discerning dialogue

to explore an unspeakable fight,

A moral inquiry

riding on the heels of justice bent just right.

It’s been

A long time coming

nowhere near here

but, everywhere

To end the silence

despite our fear.


nycASID is a burgeoning alliance composed of hundreds of parents, students, community members, community elders, social justice advocates, and any and all individuals interested in ensuring that NYC’s schools are meaningfully integrated and desegregated.

We are an open group of committed individuals who:

  • CONVENES regularly with each other and the public at monthly nycASID meetings

  • WORKS STRATEGICALLY within different committees to take action towards

    • Engendering racial school integration and

    • Creating the space for meaningful dialogue about topics that have been ignored for too long, such as

      • Northern liberal racism

      • Racial school integration in the North

      • Manifestation of white supremacy in NY'C’s educational settings

      • The effect of gentrification on racially marginalized communities

      • A vision of what true racial school integration could and should look like (with regards to racial student demographics in individual school buildings across the city and the city-wide adoption of anti-racist/anti-white supremacist curricula/school culture) in a city wherein white students make up only 13% to 17% of the total public school student population but are mostly segregated in individual schools where they make up more than 50% of the student population.

  • EDUCATES the broader NYC community about

    • The past and current state of racial school segregation in NYC

    • How racial school segregation only continues to

      • Accelerate the growth of racial division, racism, white supremacy, and

      • Curtails any meaningful attempt at racial harmony in a city, state, country that was built on and grounded in a racial caste system.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.”
— Edmund Burke
What are you going to do about NYC’s segregated public school system?
— nycASID


Featuring Nikole Hannah Jones, the world renown NY Times journalist, founder of the NY Times 1619 Project, and 2017 MacArthur Foundation Genius Fellow and Peabody Award recipient!!!

nycASID’s Real talk 2018: School integration in New York City

This event was held in Brooklyn, NY and included parent testimonials as well as a panel discussion on school integration in New York City.

Parent Testimonials: Tiara Puglisi (PS 307), Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq. (Brighter Choice Community School & Medgar Evers College Prep), Rev. Adriene Thorne (PS 8)

Panel Discussion: Iman Abdul, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Leanne Nunes, Sam Rosaldo (Moderator)


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