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nycASID’s Real talk 2018: School integration in New York City

This event was held in Brooklyn, NY and included parent testimonials as well as a panel discussion on school integration in New York City.

Parent Testimonials: Tiara Puglisi (PS 307), Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq. (Brighter Choice Community School & Medgar Evers College Prep), Rev. Adriene Thorne (PS 8)

Panel Discussion: Iman Abdul, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Leanne Nunes, Sam Rosaldo (Moderator)

Our Mission

The mission of nycASID is to advocate for racial and socioeconomic city-wide school desegregation and integration as a means to:

  • Uprooting white supremacy,

  • Preserving and spreading the rich culture of marginalized communities, and

  • Upholding the principles of democracy, equality, and human dignity that segregation curtails.

What We Do

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