• Host a school desegregation and integration house meeting. Help raise awareness by Inviting parents and friends to come discuss the issue in the comfort of your home.  Click "Contact" above for more information.
  • Support our partner organizations, particularly student-led organizations: IntegrateNYC and Teens Take Charge, as well as NYC Coalition for Education JusticeFair Housing Justice Center, and the New School Center for NYC Affairs.  Sign up for their mailing lists and make a donation if you can.  
  • Spread the word with your friends, family, neighbors, and fellow parents.  Making an issue a priority starts with person-to-person conversations.  Share in person and on social media.
  • Call your city council member’s office to let them know school integration and desegregation is important to you, and ask them what they are doing to forward school integration in NYC.  Find yours here.
  • Make a pitch for school integration at a public event.
    • Sign up to make a 2-minute public comment directly to the NYC School Chancellor and other leading education policymakers at an upcoming Panel on Education Policy meeting. Meetings take place every month.
    • Make a public comment at a local meeting.  Meetings that include public comment opportunities include: Community Board, CEC, PTA, elected official town halls.

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