1 of 3: We provide a space for learning from each other and from experts.

CONVENE regularly with each other and the public at monthly nycASID meetings.

HOST community meetings for involved and/or interested parents to come together and engage in raw and challenging dialogue about the reality of racial school segregation in NYC, how their individual choices advances or hinders the current trend of increased racial segregation (or the increased separation of white students in hyper segregated schools in gentrified and high income communities), and how they can work toegether to affect change.

2 of 3: We RAISE AWARENESS around issues of integregation and segregation in order TO PROVOKE ACTION.

WORK STRATEGICALLY within different committees to take action towards

  1. Engendering racial school integration;

  2. Creating the space for meaningful dialogue about topics that have been ignored for too long, such as;

    • Northern liberal racism

    • Racial school integration in the North

    • Manifestation of white supremacy in NY'C’s educational settings

    • The effect of gentrification on racially marginalized communities

    • A vision of what true racial school integration could and should look like (with regards to racial student demographics in individual school buildings across the city and the city-wide adoption of anti-racist/anti-white supremacist curricula/school culture) in a city wherein white students make up only 13% to 17% of the total public school student population but are mostly segregated in individual schools where they make up more than 50% of the student population

  3. EDUCATE the broader NYC community about

    1. The past and current state of racial school segregation in NYC';

    2. How racial school segregation only continues to

      • Accelerate the growth of racial division, racism, white supremacy, and

      • Curtail any meaningful attempt at racial harmony in a city, state, country that was built on and grounded in a racial caste system.

3 of 3: We support and amplify the efforts of people who are working to meaningfully undo racial segregation.