nycASID’s Action Guide:


  1. Join our monthly Meetings & Events. <THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS>

  2. Read and share ASID’s Policy Platform.

  3. Invite IntegrateNYC students to lead a Youth Voice for Real Integration workshop at your school or youth group by filling out a Request Form.

  4. Host a Community Meeting to spread the word with family, friends, and neighbors.

  5. Tell your local CEC you support the creation of a desegregation/integration plan.

  6. Attend frequent events related to school integration and desegregation across the city. Add the School Integration and Desegregation Events Calendar to your calendar to stay up to speed

  7. Get involved in NYC's Where We Live process, in which NYC residents are invited to “Community Conversations” to help NYC Housing and Preservation Development and New York City Housing Authority to better understand the factors that contribute to housing and neighborhood choice, and how residential living patterns impact New Yorkers’ lives, families, and access to opportunity. Go HERE to find out where your next Community Conversation.

  8. Attend your local Community Education Council (CEC) meetings. Learn more about CECs.

  9. Attend Community Board meetings—general meetings or Youth and Education Committee meetings. They are open to the public. Find Yours Here, and encourage your SLT and principal to form a Diversity and/or Equity Committee to create a truly inclusive and diverse school environment.