Pick a local school. If your children attend a school, choose that one.


We evaluate schools based on our 5 Rs of integration.  Find the answers to these questions for your chosen school:


Race and Enrollment: We stand for a school system where every school enrolls students who are diverse in terms of race, socioeconomic status, language, and ability.

  • What’s the racial and socio-economic makeup of your school? Enter your school and look under “Student Population and Characteristics” here, or check it out compared to other schools here.   

  • How does it compare with the city? With your neighborhood? Check out the racial makeup of your neighborhood here.


Resource Allocation: We stand for schools that are equitably resourced so that a “sound basic education” is a reality for every student.

  • Does the school have AP classes? Sports teams? Music, theater, or art programs?

  • What is your school’s budget?

  • How much money does the PTA raise and spend each year? How is that money spent?

  • What other sources of funding does your school receive? (grants, etc).


Relationships Across Group Identities: We stand for schools that foster authentic relationships using culturally responsive curriculum and anti-racist practices such as those advocated by the organizations listed below amongst students and staff.

  • Does the curriculum adequately address the history and culture of the students who attend the school?

  • Does the school regularly foster open and safe conversations about race and socioeconomics among students, teachers, staff, and parents?


Representation: We stand for schools with diverse educators whose backgrounds are representative of student experiences and identities.

  • What is racial composition of the teaching staff?

  • Who is on the PTA? Who leads it? Does the PTA reflect the student body?


Restorative justice: We stand for schools that employ restorative disciplinary practices to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.

  • What is the school’s approach to discipline? Does it practice restorative justice?

  • Are students of color disproportionately suspended or disciplined?

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