Why Real Integration?

On February 3, 1964, 460,000 New York City students boycotted school with the demand that the city desegregate the school system and improve inferior conditions of the many schools that enrolled black and Latino students.  It was the largest single Civil Rights protest in American history.  The backlash was immense... Today, New York City again has the opportunity to become a leader in integrating its schools. The momentum is building—but in order for us to avoid the pitfalls we faced fifty years ago, we need your help.



Most segregated urban school system in the us

New York City bears the distinction of being the third most segregated school system in the nation, in the #1 most segregated state education system in the United States.



of Elementary Schools are avoided by white families in NYC

At nearly 2/3 of NYC elementary schools, fewer than 5% students identified as "White" and no other racial or ethnic categories. 95% of the cities white students are enrolled at only 31% of the city's schools.



of high schools isolate Black and latino students

Black and Latino students make up over 90% of the students at more than half of NYC high schools. 1/3 of high schools are "apartheid" schools, where over 95% of students are Black or Latino.